[BBC-Micro] Where are they now?

Dave Moore dllm at usa.net
Sat Feb 6 00:24:15 GMT 2010

> OK people.  Cast your mind back just over eight years, and in December
> 2001, one Jason Bennison was in the unfortunate position of having to
> find a new home for his BBC Micro equipment, as noted by a post to
> this very mailing list.
> http://mdfs.net/Archive/BBCMicro/2001/12/03/210121.htm
> Did anybody still on here take these?  In particular, the discs with
> the Viewfax/Music Link archives one them, and... DO YOU STILL HAVE

Sadly, all of Jason's kit got ruined after being left exposed to the elements
for months on end (it wasn't his fault and he was bitterly disappointed when
he found out what had happened).

Shame, as in addition to the items listed, he also had some ex-Acorn
dealer/demonstration discs, which sounded really interesting.


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