[BBC-Micro] [Fwd: Re: Acorn ARX anybody?]

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 20:38:55 GMT 2010

Jules Richardson wrote:
> I've actually got some ARX source (although how complete it is I don't know) 
> which I always assumed was for the ARM. If it was on the UK side of the ocean 
> though, maybe it's part of an attempt to port it to the ACW. If I get chance 
> later I'll go digging here, as I should have an archive copy of it this side 
> of the Pond.

[replied to my own post and sent this to myself rather than the list the first 
time - haha]

Just a quick update; I finally found it - it wasn't filed where I thought it
was :-) I'm not sure when I'll get to take a proper poke at it, although
hopefully soon now that I know I do have it here with me.

There's 8MB of data. Asm portions of the source definitely look to be ARM (not
32016), but there's Modula-2 and even some C in there, too. I think there
might be two separate intact source trees (one dating from June '87 and one
from September '87 - by which time it must have been pretty much dead as a

Too early to tell yet how 'finished' any of it is (such that ARX was ever
finished). I saw one doc that references the code to be working with the "ARX
keyboard", but I'm not sure if there ever was anything unique to ARX, so maybe
that just means the regular A500 keyboard (as opposed to an A500 copro and the
BBC micro keyboard).


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