[BBC-Micro] Subject: Re: 'BASIC 512K'

jgh at mdfs.net jgh at mdfs.net
Sat Feb 13 23:51:59 GMT 2010

"David Hunt" wrote:
> > Time to get obtain some appropaitely shaped tuits and finally get
> > around to writing that 65816 emulator I've been meaning to.
> How's about a 32016 emulator? It'd be v.useful to have running on the ARM
> co-pro.

Have you seen the 32016 instruction set?

And the one, count it, one book on 32016 machine code programming
I've managed to find.

In fact, somebody else found it, and gave it to me at an Acorn
show. Can't remember who they were. Thanks.

John Kortink wrote:
> It'll probably end up being in BASIC ... ;-)

My PDP-11 emulator is written in BBC BASIC and runs BBC BASIC quite
nippily on the ARM-7 CoPro.

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