[BBC-Micro] Subject: Re: 'BASIC 512K'

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sun Feb 14 00:35:51 GMT 2010

On 14/02/2010 00:51, jgh at mdfs.net wrote:

> Have you seen the 32016 instruction set?

I wonder if the co-pro was a side effect of Acorn looking for a 
worthwhile RISC chip for their new range of processors?

Cute piccy on Wiki, a 32016 with four little heatsinks on it.
Strange, I thought the hard work happened in the gold lump. Must have 
metal lugs or something in the ceramic to dissipate the heat to the 
heatsinks. Also odd there isn't one directly on the gold lump.

> My PDP-11 emulator is written in BBC BASIC and runs BBC BASIC quite
> nippily on the ARM-7 CoPro.

Pure BASIC, or with assembler?

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