[BBC-Micro] OT PC architecture

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Fri Feb 19 00:31:06 GMT 2010

On 18/02/2010 22:48, Alex Taylor wrote:

> I'm not sure if the set of disks is even complete, but they might
> accidentally fall into a machine where image files might be
> accidentally be created from them.

Google suggests:

That's the /386 one I believe.

Put it like this, whether or not it works... the included text file 
contains a serial number and activation key - might be useful for those 
of you in possession of the real discs?
The serial number is "oli" followed by six digits. The activation key is 
eight lower case letters. So if you have something like that scribbled 
on anything (inside a manual? on the disc label?)

For the /286 version, I'd assume this is sorta the same deal:
only it is of no interest to me because it wants 5.25" floppies, I only 
have one of those on the Beeb.

Ummm... WTF?
Just following the links down in Google, came across:
which faulted with an error:
   ERROR: Could not connect to MySQL Server ( Access denied
   for user 'lexikon'@'' (using password: YES)

Really, one of the security holes they ought to sort in PHP is that it 
will default to error_reporting(0) for anything that is NOT localhost 
unless you specifically ask it otherwise. There's information being 
given out here about internal workings that really ought to just be a 
generic 501 OhShit error instead...

> They've got something like an Athlon 2600+ installed,

For running W98? :-)

I'd put my name up so I can swap the old 486 for a fiddle-box with a bit 
of oomph, but:
   1. Mom would kill me
   2. I live in a different country
   3. Mom would kill me
   4. Postage of something like that would be scary
   5. Mom would kill me
   6. (assuming it didn't get over-flexed in transit)
   7. Mom would kill me

Oh well.

Best wishes,


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