[BBC-Micro] OT PC architecture

jgh at mdfs.net jgh at mdfs.net
Sat Feb 20 12:45:01 GMT 2010

Rob wrote:
>   Hmm... reminds me - I wonder if I've still got any pdp11 install
> discs, and if they would run on the ARM7 emulator...

I've got PDP-11 Unix V6 and Unix V7 here. They don't quiiiiite boot
up on my PDP-11 emulator, one of the reasons I'm still doing a bit
of development with it in the BBC BASIC incarnation.

See http://mdfs.net/pdp11/BBCBasic/blog for some screenshots of
PDP-11 BBC BASIC booting up on a real live (ok, emulated on
Windows) PDP-11 Unix install.

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