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Mark Usher mu.list at aon.at
Sun Feb 28 18:04:29 GMT 2010

As some of you noticed and emailed me, the major part of bbcdocs.com was
unavailable yesterday.

bbcdocs.com has now moved to a new webhosting facility which has enabled a
massive update to the filebase. Please make sure your bookmarks are to
www.bbcdocs.com and not to the old ...at/etc URLs. I have sorted out
everything that I have been sent, and made sure that all files are now
included. This has taken the filebase up to around 2GB from 512MB. It will
also be much easier to update in the future as it was something of a pfaff
despite some major kind help from the likes of Chris R. and Mike T. Have
added the old 8BS collection directly to the filebase here as when it went
offline the files were nowhere else. Also some links have disappeared and
others changed so I have updated all of those where possible - even taking
advantage of the wayback machine! A very useful tool.

That is the start of the changes, there are more planned. Any
suggestions/contributions to myself please - mark at bbcdocs.com


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