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That's pretty much what I've been doing, getting round to finishing off
those bits and pieces. Things I've been meaning to do, sort out and get
done. With file sizes being "less" of an issue these days it helps. Plus
unlimited storage and bandwidth options are also around. I did consider
hosting it from home, but there didn't really seem a lot of point with the
hassle. Also computer power to sort some of these images out has moved on in
the last 12 years since the doc project got underway.

I always wanted to do screen shots with View manuals etc. and it was one of
my intentions for a few projects.. even screenshots of an oscilloscope - or
is that taking pedanticness to far?

I'll look forward to posting your finished piece.


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> This had reminded me of the ViewSheet manual that I started to made a
> PDF version of from the scanned copy on the bbcdocs site.
> I even went as far as to recreate all the screenshots using an
> emulator, by actually working through the examples in the book. I
> never submitted it because the OCR software missed some punctuation,
> and being a pedant for such things I didn't regard it as finished.
> I ought to get round to finishing it, really.
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> Alex Taylor
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