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Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sun Feb 28 23:06:00 GMT 2010


> my intentions for a few projects.. even screenshots of an oscilloscope - or
> is that taking pedanticness to far?

I think for repair manuals, if there is a specific point then a 
screenshot of that could be extremely useful. Better than a description 

...when I was involved in EMC diagnosis and testing (mid '90s UK), it 
was astonishing how often 'scope displays were ink scribbles on graph 
paper. Ink scribbles that were frequently idealised (digital signals on 
and off tidily) instead of real-world (switch slope, noise, 
irregularities)... especially considering that you'd be most likely 
using a scope to detect and deal with such irregularities triggering 
'low' when it was supposed to be 'high', phantom glitches, etc...

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