[BBC-Micro] Wanted: Mac users with a GoMMC

me at davidglover.org me at davidglover.org
Mon Jan 11 19:53:37 GMT 2010

I'm developing a piece of software to allow Mac users to make MMCs for John Kortink's GoMMC without having to use the command line. If you're interested in beta-testing it, please drop me a line at me at davidglover.org. You will obviously need a Mac with an MMC card reader (USB is fine), and some kind of Beeb or Electron with a working GoMMC in it.

If you email me, please let me know whether your Mac is PowerPC or Intel, and what version of Mac OS X it is running. (You can find out by clicking "About this Mac" in the Apple menu. Sorry, Mac OS 9 or below is not supported.)


David Glover

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