[BBC-Micro] Testing sideways RAM

Andy Ford acorn at acford.co.uk
Fri Jan 15 20:05:31 GMT 2010

me at davidglover.org wrote:
> My Master has a sideways RAM cartridge which I think I've managed to kill.
> How can I quickly test it, ie. blast some arbitrary data onto it and then read it back?

That does sound the simple way to do it, although I bet there's a 
utility around to properly test it.

Something like this maybe for the moment (grab yourself a rom image from 
somewhere that you know will work from SR)

*SRLOAD <filename> 8000 X Q

Replacing X with the bank ID

Then CTRL+BREAK , *INSERT if needed etc

I suppose you could then Save it back to disc and see what state it is 
in etc.

Andy. :)

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