[BBC-Micro] FW: Repton!

Kris Adcock beeb at danceswithferrets.org
Sun Jan 17 12:06:07 GMT 2010

samwise wrote:
>> And on a related note, I'm hoping to have an iPhone conversion of XOR
>> out soon too!
>> Kris.
> Interesting, Kris - is that going to be an "official" release?  (I
> have no idea who owns the rights).

Well, it started out as a project so that I could learn to write games 
for the iPhone. I already had all a lot of resources because I maintain 


And then a few months ago, the original author of XOR got in contact 
with me, and we got chatting. It turns out we only live about 20 miles 
apart, we're both in the same line of work, and we have friends in common!

It's not really an "official" release, but it has the original author's 
blessing. I'll be releasing it for free, as a retro-remake (hopefully 
faithful to how the original played).

> Also, is it going to contain the Procyon's Mazes levels from the Amiga
> version of Prospector in the Mazes of Xor as well as the original
> maps?

The first release will contain the 15 original maps. I then hope to do 
subsequent map updates. I've never actually played the Amiga version, so 
I have no idea whether any "liberties" were taken with the rules of the 
original. It's on my todo list!



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