[BBC-Micro] FW: Repton!

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 21:48:49 GMT 2010

Jon Ripley wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
>> I found some Flash-based 'online' Repton game the other day at 
>> http://www.repton3.co.uk/repton1.aspx  - but no instructions with it. I'm 
>> certain there was a way of committing suicide in the original game ('space' I 
>> think) if you got stuck, but couldn't work out the magic key combination to do 
>> the same in this online one... bah!
> Press the Escape key to commit suicide.

Aha - I think it might be having issues with the fact I have I v9 Flash player 
(based on seeing other Flash things around which *almost* work but have funny 
little quirks). Escape does work (thanks!), but I seem to have to hold it down 
for quite a while  (compared to the other keys) before it responds, which is 
why I didn't spot it the other day.

(I love Repton. It's one of the very few games I ever actually played right 
through to the end as a kid.)

I should probably find a 'native' BBC emulator to put on this machine, but I'm 
not sure what the pickings are like for Linux at the moment...



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