[BBC-Micro] FW: Repton!

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Sun Jan 17 22:05:13 GMT 2010

> I should probably find a 'native' BBC emulator to put on this machine, but I'm
> not sure what the pickings are like for Linux at the moment...

The main choice is Dave E's port of BeebEm for UNIX:


I wrote a README here to help get it going:

It compiles and works fairly well, though I currently have some sound
issues with it.  The menu system is a bit basic and there's a number
of features from the Windows build that haven't been ported, but
overall it does the job.

The alternative is to use Mike W's Windows port of BeebEm under WINE
which works very well - though I'm not sure about some of the more
windows-y features like the recording of videos, and the joystick
support doesn't work brilliantly (though I think there are some issues
with that on Windows too).

I'm also aware that Tom W has done some work on the next version of
his B-Em emulator which is much more cross-platform - it's still in
development at the moment, though.


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