[BBC-Micro] FW: Repton!

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 23:28:37 GMT 2010

samwise wrote:
>> I should probably find a 'native' BBC emulator to put on this machine, but I'm
>> not sure what the pickings are like for Linux at the moment...
> The main choice is Dave E's port of BeebEm for UNIX:
> http://beebem-unix.bbcmicro.com

Awesome, thanks... I'd considered beebem the other day, but it looked very 
incomplete - but I think it was just that the sites I happened to look at were 
really out of date and gave the impression that beebem wasn't as finished & 
working as it is.

> I wrote a README here to help get it going:
> http://beebwiki.jonripley.com/BeebEm_for_UNIX_README

useful too, because I sat there for a few minutes before reading that, 
wondering how to load any files :-)

> It compiles and works fairly well, though I currently have some sound
> issues with it.

Sound seems OK here. I'd just been happily Reptonning - way smoother than the 
Flash version, and of course there's actually a menu now where I can enter 
screen passwords etc. (I bet I can still remember 'em all from years ago, too)

> The alternative is to use Mike W's Windows port of BeebEm under WINE

I do have WINE on here, but I haven't used it for ages. I've got a copy of 
win2k under vmware, too, but again I've not used that in yonks. It's probably 
gone mouldy by now ;)



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