[BBC-Micro] Wakefield 2010 Show

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sat Jan 23 01:40:36 GMT 2010

On 22/01/2010 17:03, Dave Moore wrote:

> Location:
> Garden Gate pub,
> Aldershot,


I (obviously!) won't be coming. Just wondered if you could spare a 
moment to tell me where this is? I know Aldershot (used to live in Ash), 
but don't know the Garden Gate.

Oh, and how's the town been doing in the last eight years? I recall back 
circa Y2K I went back to Bridgwater (after eight years) and was quite 
depressed - many places either boarded up or charity shops. At least the 
Admiral Blake (fish&chips) was still there!
Aldershot... mmmm... There was talk of closing M&S. The big chemist in 
the shopping centre wanted to downsize or close. Wilko was maybe 
Wil-going. I think it is safe to say Woolies has gone (!) and that shop 
with the odd name (Peacocks?) were said (in the local paper) to be 
going. That leaves... erm... WHS, Argos (sort of), and... um... Not a lot.

Is that bloke with the shop selling the "cheap" (usually isn't) 
electrical stuff still there? Go past Burger King towards Ash/station 
and it's a little way down on your right. I was rummaging around in his 
"odds and ends" box and came across two books with a big "A" on them. 
The Arthur 1.2 PRMs! A fiver.

Charity shops... The PDSA was pretty good, and directly opposite the 
British Heart Foundation. Got two 10/100 PCI ethernet cards there, and 
one or the other used to do a good line in vinyl so I picked up some 
Toyah and Bananarama and other '80s classics [*]. :-)

Sorry... random reminiscence.

Best wishes,


* - I (easily) avoided buying Starship. Back in their Jefferson Airplane 
days they were pretty cool (just ask Alice), but in the '80s when they 
mutated a third time to become "Starship", it all went horribly wrong. I 
think "We Built This City On Rock And Roll" must be the worst some of 
the decade (and possibly the century; yes, it sucked even more than 
Achy-Breaky Heart which at least gave us the comical sight of overweight 
overdressed wannabe coyboys dancing with nobody), with "Nothing's Gonna 
Stop Us Now" running in the top five worst songs (that's being generous 
but I know that while the '80s offered some really decent songs (We 
Didn't Start the Fire), it had plenty of cack (S-A-W for a large part, 
but then so was just about everything, wasn't it?).
Okay, enough... But hey, the '80s brought us the Beeb! :-)

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