[BBC-Micro] Hi again after 15+ years...

Adam Goodfellow khazul at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 23 15:50:46 GMT 2010

Recently I downloaded BeebEm to play Exile - still love that game and one of my all time favourites. Much to my surprise, I find BeemEm has grown a bit - All 3 beeb variations and a 4th variation that I was truly suprised by - BBC B + Integra B - as designer and software author of that board - it was certainly quite a suprise to find my old code still up and running - and even more suprising to find that someone considered it worthy of inclusion :)


If one of you reading this is the person who notionally manages the development and maintaince of BeebEm - please get in touch, there may be a few minor tweaks in the general BBC hardware emulation I might be able to help you clear up - I think they apply to all BBC hardware.


BTW - does Peter Irvin haunt this list at all? Just curious what he is upto/doing with Exile - there were rumours of remake for more recent platforms.



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