[BBC-Micro] OT: Oscilloscope

Darren Grant darren.grant at adslnation.com
Mon Jan 25 21:36:03 GMT 2010

On 25 Jan 2010, at 20:49, Rick Murray wrote:

>> bode plot (plotting input against output through a range of
>> frequencies) really useful for measuring how linear a circuit is
>> over a range of frequencies.
> But, yet, it stays in the box unused... :-)

Primary reason being that unlike a real oscilloscope it isn't instantly ready to go, I have to get out an old PC that still has a parallel port on it it, plug it all in and load up the PC so I tend not to bother. Thats why I'd like a reasonable stand alone scope that I can just switch on and use. Silly I know but I find I don't have time to waste like I used to.

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