[BBC-Micro] Acorn ARX anybody?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Thu Jan 28 02:50:10 GMT 2010

On 27/01/2010 14:59, Jules Richardson wrote:

> which I always assumed was for the ARM.

Does it not follow the APCSish concept (R13=sp, R14=lr, R15=pc, etc)? 
Are the general register assignments different?

Even so, it still ought to _look_ like ARM code in the same sort of way 
that Thumb does.

Speaking of which... just done some research. My little PVR woefully 
underutilises a TI DSP/ARM combo (TMS320DM320). It is running an ARM926. 
Oh, and my Creative Zen is ALSO running an ARM926, and to play MP3s it 
gets ~25 hours on a Li-Ion cell. :-)
Somewhat ironic that the bog-standard generic thingy that replaced my 
video recorder could not only in theory run RISC OS, it could kick any 
RiscPC's butt up and down the country - the subsystems clock 160 or 
180MHz (depending on your source) while the CPU is a fairly sedate 
320MHz. As opposed to the <cough>40</cough> of the ARM7.

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