[BBC-Micro] Atoms are getting expensive

Alex Taylor zeem.uk at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 28 18:47:15 GMT 2010

This Wednesday I bought two Vic-20s (actually German VC-20s) with some
tapes, a power supply, and an unidentified red cartridge with two push
buttons on it. Most of the tapes turned out to be C64, and so is the
cartridge. One of the Vics seems to work, the other only seems to
generate a blank screen. The power supply's a 5-pin one and the
working machine is an older one that takes a different adapter, so
it's currently running off a bench power supply with two crocodile
clips attached to socket.

I paid £2 for the lot - and it all came in a suitcase on wheels along
with a broken handle (that I might try and fix), a wine rack and some
rubbish Christmas decorations.

This is at an outdoor auction of sold-as-seen junk though, so it does
depend who's there. One week I put in an advanced bid of £25 on an
Amiga 1200 (I was at work so I couldn't be at the auction), and found
out later that I was outbid at £27.

The opposite end of the spectrum (and bringing it back on-topic with
an Acorn) would be the seller at the car boot sale I went to last year
who was selling an Electron with some tapes for £15 - I'm not sure
they'd even fetch that on eBay. Oddly enough they were at the next
event a month later, still trying to sell it. I'd personally only go
up to about a tenner for something like that. I've had Electron base
units from the above auction for 50p, in the last couple of years.

Alex Taylor

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