[BBC-Micro] Atoms are getting expensive

Anders Carlsson anders.carlsson at sfks.se
Thu Jan 28 21:02:51 GMT 2010

Alex Taylor wrote:

> The power supply's a 5-pin one and the working machine is an
> older one that takes a different adapter,

Please note the difference between those two power supplies:

The older, two-prong (as it is known in the VIC community) PSU
is 9VAC 2-3A depending on region.

The newer, 5-pin DIN PSU is 9VAC 1A + 5VDC 1.5-1.7A.

In theory you can run the older style VIC-20 on 9VAC 1A, but it
will be barely sufficient. I'm afraid plugging in a tape recorder
might bring you over the edge.

A bit curiously is that you got a C64 cartridge in the lot.
Based on the description it sounds like an Action Replay, Expert
or similar freezer cartridge. However while tapes look the same
on both machines, the cartridges are vastly different in size
so anyone with a little eyesight and knowledge what it is would
have figured out it doesn't go with the VIC-20.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson, VIXpert :-)

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