[BBC-Micro] Sigh. Virus alert.

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Fri Jan 29 00:02:33 GMT 2010

Sorry peeps,

If anybody has visited my sites, irrelevant.com or viewdata.org.uk
today, please do a full virus and malware scan - it seems that
something on the server itself is injecting iframe links to a fake
anti-virus site onto every index page of *every* domain that they
host, not just mine.

If you get a "Windows Malware" message pop up, that's a symptom you've
been infected - I spent most of the day sorting out my laptop before
going to find out where it had got to me from, and it turned out to
have come from my own website. argh.  But since it's affecting every
site from every customer of theirs, it wasn't *my* fault. Small
comfort though.


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