[BBC-Micro] Sigh. Virus alert.

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Fri Jan 29 23:18:53 GMT 2010

On 29/01/2010 01:02, Rob wrote:

> something on the server itself is injecting iframe links to a fake
> anti-virus site onto every index page of *every* domain that they
> host, not just mine.

Sounds an awful like what hit my site. I don't think it was for fake 
antivirus (?), but the IFRAME thingy sounds similar.

I hope it is just the index pages, on mine it seemed - eventually - to 
be around 90% of ALL of the HTML. I think I managed to rebuild the site 
(though not yet 100% certain, I had no idea there was that much crap 

As for infection, I hadn't visited your site today - but if I had, 
Firefox's NoScript would have blocked the IFRAME anyway. I don't tend to 
"trust" sites unless they don't work without some degree of "trust". I 
had no reason to "trust" your site as you aren't horribly abusing 
JavaScript (in other words, it works as it is).

> If you get a "Windows Malware" message pop up, that's a symptom you've
> been infected  - I spent most of the day sorting out my laptop before

Your antivirus didn't catch it first?

> going to find out where it had got to me from, and it turned out to
> have come from my own website. argh.

I know THAT feeling! Like when I visited my site from the library and 
Google helpfully painted the screen red while I painted the air blue...

 > But since it's affecting every site from every customer of theirs,
 > it wasn't *my* fault. Small comfort though.

That's the downside of virtual hosting. Somebody runs a badly written 
PHP script, or a wide open MySQL setup... or the host itself isn't 
applying the updates in a timely manner ... wham.

Anyway, sorry to hear your woes. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Best wishes,


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