[BBC-Micro] UK Vintage Computer Festival 2010

David Hunt dm.hunt at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 31 11:44:31 GMT 2010

Hi Folks,

I am involved with the National Museum Of Computing at Bletchley Park and we
have been working hard on bringing the VCF to the UK. We are pleased to
announce the event to take place this June. There will be an emphasis on
British computers. I hope many people from this list and the STH list will
attend the event, it'll be great!




"Britain's largest celebration of vintage computing is to be held at The
National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) in Bletchley Park from 19-20 June 2010.

Originating ten years ago in California's Silicon Valley, to celebrate our
computing heritage, Vintage Computing Festivals are now regular events held
across the USA and in Germany. The June 2010 event at TNMOC will be the
first in the UK and will pay particular tribute to the British contribution
to the development of computing.

The festival, which is open to the general public and welcomes private
exhibitors, will have exhibition stands, a full lecture programme, machine
demonstrations, computer games and challenges, bring-and-buy sale, and
performances of electronic music.

Kevin Murrell, VCF co-ordinator and a trustee and director of TNMOC said:
"The enthusiasm for this festival is already remarkable and we have only
just started to publicise the event. The historic and spacious setting of
Bletchley Park is perfect for the event - and with The National Museum of
Computing on the same site, it will surely draw visitors from overseas as
well as from across Britain. With visitor numbers expected to exceed one
thousand, the Festival offers a great opportunity for potential sponsors."

Exhibitions already committed include Acorn, Amiga, Atari, PDP11, Retro
Computer Museum, Sinclair, and Sundown Demoparty. There will be performances
by Pixelh8 and a guest appearance by one of the pioneers of British

Lots more will be announced soon. To keep up-to-date, see www.vcf-gb.org.

For general enquiries and to join the mailing list, email Simon Hewitt/Kevin
Murrell at vcf at tnmoc.org.

Potential sponsors should contact Kevin Murrell of TNMOC at
kevin.murrell at tnmoc.org.

Media and PR enquiries please contact Stephen Fleming of Palam
Communications at sfleming at palam.co.uk.

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