[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC Microfirmware?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sat Oct 2 16:48:35 BST 2010

On 02/10/2010 14:14, famrowland wrote:

> Wouldn't it be a heck of a lot easier, and less of a waste of time, to
> simply track down whoever owns the Acorn copyright now and ask nicely?

I'd love to get hold of the Acorn FileStore source code.

Others would like other things, such as DFSs and the like.

Thing is - who owns the Acorn rights? Acorn tech went to Pace, sort of, 
and RISC OS went eventually to Castle. Is the BBC MOS lumped in with OS 
stuff? It's a messy set of transfers of which the old 8 bit era stuff 
seems to have been more or less forgotten. :-(

Does anybody actually know?

And, for use hacker types, do any sources still exist?

This topic crops up from time to time, and every so often somebody will 
go and ask somebody and we never hear back from them, so I guess the 
result is eventually "I dunno"... Shame.

Best wishes,


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