[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC Microfirmware?

Farlie A groupsstuff at gfarlie.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 2 17:17:42 BST 2010

Joel Rowbottom wrote:
> --On 2 October 2010 17:48:35 +0200 Rick Murray <rick at rs432.net> wrote:
>> Thing is - who owns the Acorn rights? Acorn tech went to Pace, sort of,
> Pace still have the 8-bit OS stuff, according to their IP specialist.

So, how many signatures do we need to convince them to do a RISC OS Open 
style licensing of the 8 bit firmware code?

My thoughts were as follows :
 - * Attribute Pace as copyright holder.
 - * Allow non commerical distribution , ( Commerical distribution would 
still require permission )
-  * Allow non-commerical modification/ bug-fixing. - ( Changes to 
codebase would feed back to Pace)
 - * Allow recovery of source code/ specfications from binary where no 
sources/specifcation currently exist (such recovery feeding back to 
copyright holder)
- * BBC  'B' Welcome package NOT included ( Pace not copyright holder )
- * Acornsoft titles excluded  (Pace not copyright holder ) - Acornsoft 
games titles went to Superior ..Although I'm not sure the View range did.

This doesn't solve the Debian issue but would presumably be better than 
the current 'grey-ware' status..

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