[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC Microfirmware?

Mark Usher mark at bbcdocs.com
Sun Oct 3 22:27:10 BST 2010

> This may be what's killing off the 8-bit scene faster than natural.
I wasn't aware that it was being killed off, and what would be a natural
time line for that anyway?

Those of us that want to keep it alive, choose to do so. You will also find
that people just move on. Many of the emulators that have been written are
good examples of this. The authors achieved what they set out to - write an
emulator for whatever reasons they had at the time. I don't think many were
looking to support the software for the rest of time. Many also have not
released their code. Why should they, it is their IP after all.


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