[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC Microfirmware?

Steve Fewell kranser at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 00:15:33 BST 2010

--- On Sun, 3/10/10, Rick Murray <rick at rs432.net> wrote:
> Not the way to look at it.
> Try:
>    * Do we actually own the IP to "this old
> crap"?
>    * Are we _sure_?
>    * Can we be assed to *pay* somebody to
> verify this?
>    * If so, can we devote the time and
> resources to find it, do
>      something with it, etc?

Is there another way to look at this?

Maybe, instead of investigating the IP status and signing over the 8-bit stuff to public domain, they would be willing to write a letter stating that they will never seek to prosecute any non-commercial usage of any 8-bit stuff that they own.

Would that cover emulator user against legal action? Would each person need their own signed letter from pace?



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