[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC Microfirmware?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 03:19:36 BST 2010

Rick Murray wrote:
> And, for use hacker types, do any sources still exist?

I might have some stuff - I've been waiting for a rainy "inside" day since 
this thread started (I'm busy on outdoors stuff otherwise) so I can take a 
look and see for sure, but it's not happened yet :-(  One floppy's labelled as 
being Electron MOS source, but the others are a bit more vague (and there's no 
guarantee that the floppies weren't wiped, or that the labels no longer bear 
any relation to the contents etc.)

> This topic crops up from time to time, and every so often somebody will 
> go and ask somebody and we never hear back from them, so I guess the 
> result is eventually "I dunno"... Shame.

That's why I've never really dug into these - I just don't really know what to 
do with it even if it is "good stuff". Maybe whoever does own the copyright 
now wouldn't care about it being "released", but it'd be nice to ask first :-)



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