[BBC-Micro] MOS6 - Any programmers want to see a free BBC?Microfirmware?

Steve Fewell kranser at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 09:18:58 BST 2010

> We went through this when Pace owned RISC OS.  The
> general view was that
> Pace's lawyers wouldn't pass the time of day without a 5 or
> 6 figure sum,
> and so any RISC OS effort wouldn't even pay for the
> management time.
> However Castle eventually bought RISC OS, and the ex-Pace
> engineers have
> been good at releasing the source under Castle's shared
> source licence, and
> prodding their contacts at other companies (ANT, ARM etc)
> to get permissions
> for the bits that Castle don't own.
> The trouble is you'd need to find someone in Pace who was
> enthusiastic
> enough to dig through what they have, and have the right
> contacts in the
> legal department.
> The other thing that's been said (this is all from
> newsgroup threads, I have
> no way of verifying it) is that anything not specifically
> assigned belongs
> to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (as purchaser of Acorn), and
> their records
> were lost in the World Trade Center.  And they're even
> less likely to pass
> the time of day.
> Theo

So basically any ownership either cannot be proved (due to lost records) or would cost too much to build a legal case to be worthwhile.


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