[BBC-Micro] Suitable capacitor replacements

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Wed Oct 6 17:23:32 BST 2010

On 06/10/2010 02:50, paul aslin wrote:

> The part time only transmissions puzzle me,

Indeed. Though it seems to switch on and off at remarkably planned times 
(18h00 -> 18h10, for instance).

> More logical is something is designed to use offpeak power only,

Is Saturday an off-peak day? Refer to my blog for a chart of what it did 
two weekends ago. No real rhyme or rhythm. Oh, and the other night it 
was spewing from about quarter past three until... 11am I think? Went to 
bed eventually.

> What does this farm with the new transformer do ?

Not the new farm I don't think. The transformer was added because the 
farmer had a crap supply (like ours!) and was sick of replacing 
equipment, or other quirks like turning on the milking machine would 
brown-out and trip the cut-outs...

We get that to a degree. If I put on the kettle and the immersion heater 
and flush the toilet (leads, eventually, to 2kW water pump cutting in) 
you can see the lights getting dimmer and dimmer. In a way it is useful 
- I can put the kettle on and when the lights go brighter I'll know it 
has boiled. But in most ways it is just crappy...

> Chicken farms have heating and lighting which draws a lot of juice.

Cows. Milking stuff. Like most of the neighbours except the Big Pig Farm.

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