[BBC-Micro] [OT] ADSL router fried?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sun Oct 10 16:59:09 BST 2010


Don't panic, it isn't my Livebox. It's the WAG200G I got for €3 in the 
vide grenier. ;-)

It works with WiFi, it works as a router (I presume, only had the one 
computer connected to it). It doesn't work with the Internet.

I've set it all up - PPPoE, ADSL.dmt, LLC, PVC 8/35 - and with my login 
ID/password both with and without the "fti/" prefix.
The box reports the internet as "down", and when I try to connect the 
little red DSL light goes on for like a half second. That's it. Given it 
takes the Livebox considerably longer to manage to establish a 
connection, I am guessing either the DSL hardware is toast, or it is 
unable to detect there's even a connection to the world (other hardware 

On the hardware side, here's the telephone line input:

What should I check here? What's the white thing, filter capacitor? 
Failsafe crowbar?

The actual ADSL decoder stuff is built into the main chip. If that's had 
it, there's no hope.

On the software side, I've upgraded to OpenWAG200 - it's basically a 
mini Linux system on BusyBox with some other stuff. Is there a way to 
test the thing? Loopback test?

Any help appreciated!

Best wishes,


PS: This is mainly to see if I can get on-line in times when the 
Internet is knocked out due to powerline cack - as it is well known that 
the Livebox is "adequate" (only adequate) in reception, both via the 
phone line and WiFi performance. But, then, if you read the forums, it 
seems routers can very dramatically in these respects. The big problem 
why I won't switch over to the WAG if I can coax activity from it, is it 
has no support for VoIP and our landline is... VoIP! :-)
Besides, I might be able to record quality measurements and such - all I 
can get from the Livebox is by logging in to see:
   Attenuation 21.3dB up, 50.1dB down. Signal 2.0dB up, 10.0dB down.
   Sync possibility 952k/s up (me=256), 3452k/s down (me=2048).
   Emitted power 12.6dBm, received power 18.0dBm.
   [this can vary according to weather; sometimes to 1dB up/4dB down]

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