[BBC-Micro] [OT] ADSL router fried?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sun Oct 10 19:52:22 BST 2010

On 10/10/2010 20:03, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:

> Indeed, if I had a quid for every conector I've seen busted because of
> rough handling by users I'd prolly be a rich man by now :)

Certainly - I worry about the S-video lug in my OSD. It's a *tight* fit. 
I need to disconnect this when recording from the video camera as the 
video input circuitry is the same (two pins on the IC - either comp 
video on one of them, or S-video on the two). Thankfully it is a less 
snug fit on the satellite receiver, so I usually unplug that end.

> I seem to remember having to do this periodically back in the day
> on the headphone connector of my personal stereo.

You too, huh?

> And no I don't mean Walkman, I never owned a Sony one

I have, and reflowing the solder worked. Fixing the ribbon cable from 
the equaliser on the front flap, that was harder. Hehe... Looking back 
at it, it's kinda comical to have equalisers and stuff on *tape*.

Best wishes,


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