[BBC-Micro] Removal men - pah!

J.G.Harston jgh at mdfs.net
Wed Oct 13 14:54:20 BST 2010

Grrr. How many times do you have to say to a brain-dead
removal man's assistant "That printer *MUST* be lifted from
the bottom" before it sinks in that "that printer *MUST* be
lifted from the bottom" means "That fucking printer must be
fucking lifted from the fucking bottom, stop fucking trying to
fucking lift it from the fucking lid!!!!!"

On the way into the van, *AND* taking it out at the other

Half an hour of tender care has got my HP Laserjet5 working
again. Unfortunately, my Master 128 doesn't power up, so I
can't get at my emails or do any work :(

J.G.Harston - jgh at mdfs.net - mdfs.net/User/JGH

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