[BBC-Micro] Removal men - pah!

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Wed Oct 13 16:03:34 BST 2010

On 13 October 2010 14:54, J.G.Harston <jgh at mdfs.net> wrote:
> Grrr. How many times do you have to say to a brain-dead
> removal man's assistant "That printer *MUST* be lifted from
> the bottom" before it sinks in that "that printer *MUST* be
> lifted from the bottom" means "That fucking printer must be
> fucking lifted from the fucking bottom, stop fucking trying to
> fucking lift it from the fucking lid!!!!!"

It could have been worse.  About ten years ago, I was looking out the
office window and saw a delivery van pull up.  Bloke went in the back
and dragged a very large box to the edge.  Got down, grabbed sides of
box, and pulled it out.


He was still holding the box whilst the very large, very heavy, very
expensive colour laser printer dropped out of the bottom and landed on
the road in front of his feet..

It's replacement arrived strapped to a pallet ..!


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