[BBC-Micro] Sideways Ram for BBC B

Mark Haysman jumbos.bazzar at btopenworld.com
Wed Oct 13 19:14:01 BST 2010

> Andrew Livens wrote:
>> In my day 128k/16k was 8 banks of SWR ....... or has inflation run riot
>> on memory chips ?

As for the 8 SWR board, it's a nice idea, only things I would have designed 
differently is

1) It takes up 2 ROM slots, so you can only have 2 ROMs in a standard 
machine, unless you mod the free sockets for 27256/512s.
.......Or put it in the OS slot and piggy the OS, probably with Basic in a 
27256 (a'la B+), leaving 8 SWRs and 4 free ROM slots with Basic already in 
place - does anyone use a machine with Basic?
......Or, make it take up the length of the 4 slots, and put 2 27512 
compatable slots on the board.
2) Why have the huge AA battery pack for a low power CMOS RAM? I'd have put 
a small coin cell (or rechargable) on the main board.


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