[BBC-Micro] Removal men - pah!

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Thu Oct 14 04:11:59 BST 2010

On 13/10/2010 15:54, J.G.Harston wrote:
> Grrr. How many times do you have to say to a brain-dead
> removal man's assistant [snip]

It is my experience that removal men are the dregs of the gene pool. It 
doesn't take much extra effort (at those prices) to load things up with 
a bit of due care and attention. Do they? Do they hell...

Coming over here originally (way back when), we had to rent a large van 
to bring stuff that didn't fit in a DOUBLE truck. When we started to 
unpack, we found stuff like mugs - UNWRAPPED - rattling around in a box 
with a TV in it, but in another box shoes, individually wrapped and 
about eight alone in this one box. WTF? But that is outweighed by the 
fact that SIX binbags full of cack, complete with "do not pack this" 
messages... were brought over. Wrapped in paper and taped up nicely.

And that's only the one time. There were others.

I don't think there's an expletive that quite conveys my feelings of 
removal men. I'm sure there are nice ones around, I just seem to have 
met all of the ones related to Trotters Independent Traders, and as such 
think they're all goddamn morons.

> "That fucking printer must be fucking lifted from the fucking  bottom,

And you can say it until you're blue in the face, but...

> Unfortunately, my Master 128 doesn't power up, so I can't get at my
> emails or do any work :(

Well, I know you're the right guy to apply some TLC. With a bit of luck 
it'll just be something has worked loose in transit.

Best wishes,


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