[BBC-Micro] [OT] ADSL router fried?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Fri Oct 15 04:14:07 BST 2010


The line noise issue seems to be more prevalent than before, not sure 
what it is, exactly. Sooner or later we'll have to get on the phone to 
EDF. The mobile, I might add, for no ADSL = no phone. :-(

Frankly, the Livebox is a piece of shit. When it hasn't 
frozen/crashed/died, it is ready to throw in the towel at the slightest 
hiccup. Add that to the fact that a full boot-up takes around FIVE 
minutes (!) and it seems equally lethargic at retraining after a line 

...the WAG200G, on the other hand, is what I'm using right now. There 
are power issues (5am? WTF?) but while the internet comes and goes, the 
box is pretty quick to retrain and get me back on as and when possible. 
Hell, half the time I don't even notice the brief drop-outs if I'm not 
listening to Internet radio at the time. Longer drop-outs are an issue, 
but I at least know the router isn't crashy. And if it makes me feel 
better to power-cycle it, I'm looking at around 40 seconds from power-up...
Only shame is it doesn't do VoIP, but then if the situation is so screwy 
I need to drop the Livebox, I wouldn't have phone anyway.

Again, many thanks to everybody here with suggestions. I'm a little 
embarrassed I didn't spot "the obvious", but then you've made a few 
things clearer in my mind.

Best wishes,


PS: FWIW, right now, with "(mildly) wibbly lights":
AR7 DSL Modem Statistics:
[DSL Modem Stats]
US Connection Rate:   323       DS Connection Rate:  2436
DS Line Attenuation:  51.3      DS Margin:           12.5
US Line Attenuation:  74.4      US Margin:           27.4
US Payload :          20157312  DS Payload:          394085904
US Superframe Cnt :   2457008   DS Superframe Cnt:   2457008
US Transmit Power :   12        DS Transmit Power:   16
LOS errors:           0         SEF errors:          0
Errored Seconds:      4400      Severely Err Secs:   4332
Oh, the joys of living in the back of beyond! ;-)

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