[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sun Oct 17 05:33:35 BST 2010

On 17/10/2010 06:19, Kieran Mockford wrote:

> http://www.floppydisks.com

Nice to see somebody still keeping the floppy alive. But, what, no 8"? 

> There doesn't seem to be anything that indicates that they won't ship to
> that side of the pond (this side gets free shipping, though!).

I went to perform a pretend-purchase of 20 5.25s to see what sort of 
shipping would be involved. The site tries to pass you over to Google 
Checkout, at which point NoScript put its foot down:
[NoScript XSS] Sanitised suspicious upload to 
from [http://www.floppydisks.com/view_cart.php]: transformed into a 
download-only GET request.

Funny. The place I get Japanese food from works fine with its bank, my 
geek-bits site works fine with its banking service. Hell, even EDF works 
when it passes you all over the place. But this one triggers NoScript. 
Probably okay, but I'm paranoid when it comes to my credit card info and 
the Internet... and if they can't get this itty-bitty detail right.....

Best wishes,


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