[BBC-Micro] Removal men - pah!

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> Rob wrote:
> As my Master wouldn't power up I got my Master Compact out of
> storage yesterday and was working on that instead. Tried to
> turn it on today and *it* doesn't power on as well!
> Grrr.
> To quote Drawn Together: "What the *** is going on?!?!?"
> Wonder if it's the power strip they were plugged into. Will
> have to try and dig another one out, but I'm rapidly running
> out of computers.

You checked the wall socket actually works too ?

Could just be ye old startup capacitor, they store enough static charge to keep working until you leave the power off for a few hours.

Its a common enough problem in things like TVs too. Storm killed their TV, but only because the power was off for a few hours.

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