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On 17 October 2010 13:43, Mike Tomlinson <mike at jasper.org.uk> wrote:

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> >>Probably okay, but I'm paranoid when it comes to my credit card info and
> >>the Internet
> >Rightly so, IMO.  The banks lost some eye-wateringly huge amount to card
> >fraud last year, and it's going to be worse this year. I'm just waiting
> >for them to wash their hands of it and refuse to take the hit for
> >fraudulent transactions.
> >Organised crime is moving on from drugs and pimping to online scamming
> >in a big way, and it's not necessarily hacking or planting malware to
> >harvest card numbers and passwords, it's also being done via social
> >engineering.
> >http://www.v3.co.uk/v3/news/2271652/top-security-myths?page=5
> >see the para headed "Hackers work alone".
I have someone at work who does not trust the internet because of internet
fraud.  He doesn't seem to get the message that quoting credit card details
over the phone is potentially even more dangerous! Every time he orders
something I always hand him a piece of paper with his credit card details to
try and put the message across that at least 10 people heard his
confidential information.

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