[BBC-Micro] EPROM Favour?

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Mon Oct 18 15:34:26 BST 2010

On 18/10/2010 10:53, Rob wrote:

> Anybody know what might drive a 2x6821 based, 1MHz-bus connected,
> unbranded diy-built box ?

The problem is, one tiny change could make a known software stop working 
with the DIY board...

Anyway, sounds a lot like my Micron Plus programmer - try the Micron 
Plus ROM, available here:

If you have a BBC I/O podule, it may well work on an A5000 under !65Host 
(even though clocking 2MHz!). It's how I burn my ROMs now, given that 
the plug-in ROM slot thingy for my Beeb has gone AWOL.

But note - the disc access is *PAINFULLY* slow. Really, it takes 
considerably longer to save an image than to burn it! It must use byte 
accesses or something.

Best wishes,


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