[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Mike Tomlinson mike at jasper.org.uk
Tue Oct 19 04:47:44 BST 2010

In article <4CBC561D.6060203 at rs432.net>, Rick Murray <rick at rs432.net>

>That said, if France doesn't get its s**t together soon (more strikes 
>tomorrow - WTF?) then I won't be going to work any more... or out 
>anywhere. The car is pretty efficient, but an empty tank is an empty tank...

Spain: siestas and fiestas.  France: bikes and strikes :o)

>Question the world ought to be asking - where's the poisoned dwarf? 

Probably has his face buried in Carla's boobs, fingers in ears and is
going "ner ner ner"...

>Sooner or later he's going to have to speak up, and he's rather stuck 
>between a rock and a hard place...

Zapatero's in a similar position, the Spanish are revolting (in both
senses of the word).  Merkel is pandering to the right by saying
multiculturalism has failed.  America is lurching to the right.  Those
Tory twats are back in power.

We're all going to hell in a handcart.

>Dude, step outside...

Heads buried in the sand.

>The specs aren't bad, but I think the whole 'experience' is a little too 
>controlled for my liking.

*nods*  If I ever catch myself looking at black polo neck jumpers, I'll
know I am doomed.

>That said - I think the iPad is a fairly successful attempt at being 
>what it is. I've seen tablets before and they were pretty poor. But then 
>we'd all seen netbook profiles before and until Asus squished an actual 
>real PC into that small size it wasn't overly popular. Now it is.

We use several eeeeePCs.  As you know, I've found they are rather
sensitive to EMI/RFI.

>Looking back, it is amazingly dated. Kinda like when I got a floppy disc 
>with The Jolly Roger Cookbook on it, and read some of the "Ma Bell" 
>files (this, coming a fair while after the breakup of Bell!)...

Ahh, phone phreaking.  Happy days :o)

>Thank you, but if/when/ever I visit Japan, I would like it without a 
>glowing cloud in the sky. And, between you and me, I would prefer:
>   tacnuke://$SARAH_PALIN

Let's wait for Palin to visit China and kill two birds with one stone.

>Surely the simpler way is to find where China's internet joins the rest 
>of the world, and install a firewall on outgoing connections - for 
>obviously the Great Firewall of China is rather leaky.

Somewhat like the Three Gorges dam.  Just waiting for that to fail.
Came very close to it last month I reckon, but naturally the Chinese are
denying it.


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