[BBC-Micro] EPROM Favour?

Mike Pepper profpep at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 19 11:27:48 BST 2010

> >Anybody know what might drive a 2x6821 based, 1MHz-bus connected,
> >unbranded diy-built box ?
> Hmm... rings a bell.  Faintly.
> Tried some of the ROM images on The BBC Lives! ?
The Tecnomatic 'EPROMWryter' that I have fits that description. 2x6821 and
1MHz Bus interface. If need be I could copy the EPROM and the manual. On a
Master128 it used sideways RAM for bigger EPROMS. As I recall, it didn't
like other devices on the bus when it was in use - I used to power down the
hard disc before burning.

Mine still works fine, thought I use a German GALEP32 for real work - better
than the Chinese ones off Ebay in that they update the device library


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