[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

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> Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:13:49 +0200
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> On 18/10/2010 05:59, Mike Tomlinson wrote:
> > Well, you're in France.  Whoever said the French were logical?
> This is what the bank system reports as the error. France's fault?
> That said, if France doesn't get its s**t together soon (more strikes 
> tomorrow - WTF?) then I won't be going to work any more... or out 
> anywhere. The car is pretty efficient, but an empty tank is an empty tank...

Look on the brightside, when the immigra.. um protesters tip your car over at least it won't burn as well.

I've love to know how the government over there plan to move their fuel stockpile to the petrol stations without trucks. By osmosis perhaps ?
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