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Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Tue Oct 19 15:31:54 BST 2010

On 19/10/2010 05:47, Mike Tomlinson wrote:

> Spain: siestas and fiestas.  France: bikes and strikes :o)


We just filled up in a small supermarket that ran out three cars later. 
The larger supermarkets are already empty. Diesel is the first to go - 
Frenchies like diesel, and at least with petrol you have a choice of 95 
or 98 (which should mean more of it)...

Take a look at 
and note the price of petrol. It had been hovering 1.28-1.32/litre 
[U-98] for a while, but now stations can ask what they like. I think it 
is a slap in the face for Total to be charging those sorts of prices, 
given it's their refineries being shut down causing this mess.

As if this isn't enough, the truckers are performing "Opérations 
Escargot" where they take to the motorways and ring roads, side by side, 
in crawler gear.

The Sénate will be voting on Thursday...

On the plus side, the CGT (union) rep at work came in to work today. It 
is one thing for the unions to call weekly strikes. It is quite another 
to do the maths and realise how much your next paycheque will be 
missing. He has made his point to us, he - and a million others - have 
not made any point to the government (we're more being held ransom by 
about a hundred refinery workers) and, well, he's down a healthy €250 
which isn't a trivial amount.
That said, those in power are saying "everything will be back to normal 
in 5-7 days". Funny, I recall them saying that a week ago...

> Probably has his face buried in Carla's boobs, fingers in ears and is
> going "ner ner ner"...


I think a lot of French people would agree with that.

> We use several eeeeePCs.  As you know, I've found they are rather
> sensitive to EMI/RFI.

 From having mine open (tea-related issues!), while they don't spew RFI 
like my older computers, there is not a lot in the way of insulation 
inside them. Furthermore, being powered from a little plug-in powerpack, 
there's not a lot of hope of establishing a ground plane.

Strange they'd be *that* sensitive. I wonder if it is a specific 
frequency, as with Bluetooth, WiFi, and (in some models) GPRS, there 
isn't exactly a shortage of radio waves coming and going!

> Ahh, phone phreaking.  Happy days :o)

Where I used to live many moons ago, they ran all the phone lines (and I 
mean like twenty wires) along the soffit. I could open the bedroom 
window, look up, and see a massive screw-terminal junction box that lost 
its cover years before. I actually discovered it when lurking out on the 
garage roof drilling holes in the neighbour's wall to mount my half-wave 
CB antenna (our wall was no good, too much overhang on the roof). And, 
well. There have been nights I've sat outside on that roof with a 
telescope and an earpiece (high impedance, not walkman headphones!) 
passed through a capacitors to croc clips.

Don't people talk a lot of twaddle! ;-)

Of course, it wasn't hard to find business lines and jack in a modem 

> Came very close to it last month I reckon, but naturally the Chinese
> are denying it.

Some things are too big to cover up...

Best wishes,


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