[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Philip Pemberton philpem at philpem.me.uk
Tue Oct 19 16:38:54 BST 2010

On 19/10/10 05:35, Rick Murray wrote:
> Oi! Where will I get my J-Pop and fansubbed animé from?

OK, we'll let the Japanese in. And maybe the Americans, but on a short 
leash. "American passport? OK, your security line is over there, but 
you'll need to go through a millimetre-wave body scanner, metal detector 
and past a horde of drug-detection dogs which are overdue for their 
lunch. Well you're doing it to us, we're just reciprocating!"

(I've been informed somewhat reliably that Brazil have taken this stance 
-- the Yanks are doing "extended checking" on everyone travelling 
into/out of the US on a Brazilian passport, so the Brazilians have done 
likewise. Separate security for the USians, and free strip-searches. Class!)

> My God, have you *heard* French pop music!?!?!

No. And having experienced other niceties of French "culture," I never, 
*EVER* want to.

 >> Enjoy!
> Isn't there something common you can use to filter the mail with? Like
> "Mail delivery failure notification" in the subject, or somesuch?

Nobody follows the RFCs. I've had them from...


And a whole bunch besides. The other problem is that I can't filter 
these out (easily) without clobbering bounces going to addresses I 
actually use.


There is also a very good reason why I have a text-based captcha on my 
'feedback form' script. It asks you to convert words into numbers. 
"Enter in numeric form: one two three four". Very easy to circumvent, 
but nobody's done it yet. Just the Chinese and Indian companies trying 
to shift their ill-gotten and knock-off wares. "We make R/C car parts 
and need a UK distributor" and the like, usually.

philpem at philpem.me.uk

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