[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Anders Carlsson anders.carlsson at sfks.se
Tue Oct 19 16:58:23 BST 2010

Philip Pemberton wrote:

> I have a text-based captcha on my 'feedback form' script.

I have a good old, insecure guestbook on one of my websites. It was flooded 
with spammers and other junk, so I added a very simple captcha. It basically 
says "echo the domain name of this site (four letters)". In the past 4.5 
years, not a single spam message has bypassed this homemade check but of 
course several legitimate posts.

In the mean time, I have seen other sites using standardized, randomized 
captcha solutions get "compromised". Whether those were cracked by bots or 
if there are humans behind the keyboard solving the checks, I'm not sure but 
it seems to me the more sites that use the same security methods, the higher 
is the motivation to circumvent them. My and Philip's sites probably are so 
insignificant (sorry, not meant as an insult) that no bots nor human slaves 
bother to try and solve the checks.

Oh and back to the original topic: if anyone has need for used 3.5" DD 
floppy disks, you can send me an email. I have about 150 of them which you 
can have small volumes of for P&P costs. But also remember I'm living in 
Sweden so it'd be international shipping.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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