[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Mick Champion rs423 at rs432.net
Wed Oct 20 01:27:47 BST 2010

Philip Pemberton wrote:
> On 19/10/10 11:12, paul aslin wrote:
>> Turn off your catchall, so unknown email account names get deleted
>> instead of redirected.
> Catchall turned off (reluctantly).
Wise move!

If you wrote your own contact form, you obviously know some php so ....

If you /really/ want to turn catch-all back on again at some stage, you 
could (if you felt like it) write a php script that logs onto your mail 
server, checks message headers,  and if the headers contain something 
you don't like, get the script to tell the server to mark the message 
for deletion. You could either set the php script to run as a cron job, 
or put it in your public area where you could manually run it before you 
open your mail program. Okay, some of the unwanted messages may still 
get through,  because even if your script is set to run frequently, at 
some point your mail client would beat the php to the mail server just 
after a message has arrived.

I'm not sure what would happen if your mail client logged in while the 
php was running. Say your mail client had downloaded message 1 and 2 
just your script was deleting  message 9. Would the script actually 
delete what was previously message 11?

On second thoughts
You are better off with catch-all turned off ! <wink>



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