[BBC-Micro] Fw: DD & HD Floppies

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Wed Oct 20 05:06:08 BST 2010

On 19/10/2010 17:38, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> OK, we'll let the Japanese in.


> And maybe the Americans, but on a short leash.

Yeah, Google Streetview and, um... not a lot else. Well, I suppose the 
Windows patches might come in useful. Plus debian's repository.

> (I've been informed somewhat reliably that Brazil have taken this stance

Just wish the bloody Europeans would. AND require details of all 
American bank activity. Failure to comply gets the middle finger to 
their further requests.
But we're too weak, after all, look at all the "special" (read "one 
way") treaties being negotiated...

>> My God, have you *heard* French pop music!?!?!
> No. And having experienced other niceties of French "culture," I never,
> *EVER* want to.

Anything in particular? There is Escargot in the supermarket (no, I have 
not tried it, and I don't ever plan to) which seems to be mostly snail 
shells with a green garlic paste stuffed into them. Maybe I'm not 
looking in the poncey shops, but I've never seen *real* snails for sale, 
and nowhere have I seen frogs legs. Such a disappointment.

Oh, and for those who unkindly liken McDonalds to horsemeat, I'll have 
you know horse meat fetches around twice the price per kilo of beef... I 
assume it wasn't intended to be a compliment, right? :-)

 From time to time cow brains are on sale in the butcher's aisle. 
It's... weird. Like a sort of soggy white candyfloss. Either cows are 
remarkably different to humans in this respect, or my horror films 
totally lied to me. It doesn't look like a brain ought to! I just want 
to see somebody buy it to asked them "WTF!?!". I dunno, maybe it is like 
Japanese globefish - people eat this sort of stuff to "live dangerously"?
I'm talking about food as it is supposed to be a French speciality 
(balls - have you ever tried to find a sponge tin in a supermarket? what 
kind of country can't make a basic victoria sponge?), plus I'm hungry, 
plus Alizée has grown up and tried to get a bit more serious.

Speaking of which - if you know of Alizée and generic hard rock stuff... 
I dunno, I just find this REALLY funny (brilliant editing):

> Nobody follows the RFCs.

So what's new? You wouldn't believe how often I get messages:

   Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: blahblahblah

Oh, and let's not forget the dash-dash-NOSPACE! sigsep.


I was thinking more the subject line.

> It asks you to convert words into numbers.

My b.log gives a number and asks you to type it in backwards. Easy to 
work around, but... then... does anybody ever actually read my b.log? :-)

Best wishes,


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